Matt and Mike sit down with a number of Lullabots to talk about Tugboat, which allows you to "review every feature or bug fix with automatic builds." In developer-speak, it's an easy-to-use, multi-platform pull-request environment generation tool.  Tugboat is one of the ingredients of Lullabot's secret sauce, and it's awesome! 

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This Episode's Guests

Ben Chavet

Ben is an expert systems administrator with an innate curiosity about how things work.

Chris Albrecht

Chris Albrecht
His backend brings all the nerds to the code. Skilled in Drupal development and architecture, you can often find him running through the Colorado wilderness and hosting the Behind the Screens podcast.

James Sansbury

James Sansbury
An experienced Drupal developer and architect himself, James manages Lullabot's back-end development team. He lives near Atlanta, GA and enjoys fishing, hiking, and camping.

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