PlanIt Wed

Crafting a Beautiful Digital Wedding Planner Experience

Parie Donaldson, owner of the floral design studio Parie Designs, came to us with a vision for a new product to help wedding planners and floral designers. It could help a planner set up a new bride and coordinate with them throughout the process, as they decide what to create, build floral recipes, and export invoices and order sheets to make it all happen. Parie gave us some documentation and two weeks to prototype the most important pieces of the app.

We kept the process lean and online, conducting a research workshop remotely. There, we defined the project together, then used audience and market research to validate and prioritize potential gaps and opportunities. Mood boards captured our inspiration and patterns used across the market. Online sorting exercises organized our thoughts and focused us on the features that were most important and needed the greatest definition. With a research brief and a list of screens to wire, we were off.

Planit Wed table of contents screenshot

Through discussion, sketching, digital refinement, and lots of documentation, the team provided product strategy for PlanIt Wed. First, we organized the flow of the experience with information architecture, mapping out the navigation. Then we fleshed out key screens with responsive, interactive wireframes. This allowed not only Parie but also her potential investors and customers, to experience a prototype of the product in action.

Planit Wed Sketch

Although delivering the prototype marked the conclusion of our work with PlanIt Wed, we knew there was more to be done before the product could launch, so we did our utmost to hand everything off in a helpful way. We created a document to capture all the explored functionality not explained in the wireframes. And finally, we met with Parie’s development team to clarify the UX designs before implementation work started to ensure a smooth transition.

Planit Wed site mock-ups
As a newbie to the tech world, Marissa and the team at Lullabot did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable and listening to me as if I was part of their team. This was a huge concern of mine in working with a company, I needed to be heard and not condescended to. Lullabot was a perfect fit for me and my new tech company, PlanIt Wed.
​Parie Donaldson, President, Parie Designs

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