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Helping Communities Reach Climate & Sustainability Goals

Go CO2 Free founder Lisa Altieri wanted to create an online experience for communities that educates and encourages residents to track and reduce their carbon footprint in a competitive, yet positive way. With a handful of ideas and wireframes, they approached our design team looking for advice and ideas for how they could improve the user flows and the overall experience while keeping the end users’ goals in mind.

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Streamlining user flows

We started by reviewing previously produced wireframes with the stakeholder and documented key actions and important steps the user needed to complete in order to participate in the Green Challenge. Based on our discussions, we documented gaps and suggestions for improvements to the overall user flow and interface. We also identified key pages and user actions that weren’t included in the initial wireframe set.

Using a lean process and the documentation as our guide, we then created a new set of wireframes that streamlined the user flow while bringing focus to the dashboard and tracking capabilities of the site. Complex components and user actions were simplified, creating an experience that was more user-friendly while encouraging users to continue participating in the Green Challenge.

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Creating one design system to power many sites

We helped Go CO2 Free create a visual design system that could be easily translated across variations of the site for multiple cities participating in the program. We worked with their team to help solidify some basic identity and branding concepts using keywords and metaphor exercises. Together we created a color palette, illustration style and typography system based on the branding documentation that was created. We then translated those concepts into a simplified visual design system for a key set of components and pages. 

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GO CO2 Mobile Screens

We also created a style guide to ensure that the visual style could be easily translated to other pages and components. The style guide would also be used as a reference to easily spin up a new site for a city participating in the program.

As Go CO2 Free continues to grow and expand the Green Challenge into different markets, our team continues to be a resource for them, offering advice, feedback and suggestions for how they can continually improve their site to ensure success.

GO CO2 Free Style Guide

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