I'm a relatively recent Mac convert and I still stumble a bit with some command line tricks. In particular, when I need to use VI to edit things I always have to look up the commands to edit and save my text.

So here is my cheat sheet, in a public place that is easy to find :-)

  • Type vi FILENAME to use the vim editor to alter this file.
  • Navigate to the line that needs to be changed or added and make your changes.
  • Apparently the exact keys that control navigation vary. On my computer, the following worked:
    • Down - the enter key
    • Right/Left - left/right cursors
    • Delete a letter - the 'x' key
    • Insert letters - the 'i' key
  • When finished editing, do the following: ESC :wq!

That's my short and sweet blog for the day.

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