The spring conference season is upon us! We've enjoyed meeting more of you in person at SXSW and Converge SE — soon, it will be time for DrupalCon. Before we make the trek out to Portland, though, Jeff Eaton will be making a stop at a local CMS conference: CMSExpo. Now in its 7th year, CMSExpo is one of Jeff's favorite events in the Chicago area.

This year, Jeff will be presenting Prepare For the Mobilocalypse, an updated version of the Building a Post-Mobile World talk he delivered at DrupalCon Sydney. The presenation has already been updated to include some of the lessons we've learned on client work, and the launch of, since January.

This year's CMSExpo promises an excellent showing from the Drupal community, too. Other presenters include Emma Jane Westby, Kieran Lal, Matthew Lechleider, Tiffany Farriss, Thad Martin, and Tom Wentworth. It's also a great opportunity to go beyond your own CMS community, speak directly with other developers, share your Drupal wisdom, and learn from new perspectives.

CMX Expo is set to kick off on May 14th, and registration is still open. Sign up with the discount code CMSX38311, and you'll receive a cool $100 discount.

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