by Lullabot

Sony MyPlay

SonyBMG's MyPlay site (née Musicbox) is a multimedia showcase for their artists. It provides video, music, and photos that can be rated and reviewed by the users. Users can also track their favorites and build a network of friends on the site.

Lullabot did the original development for the Musicbox video website in 2006. Then in the summer of 2007 Lullabot came back in to the project to upgrade the site to Drupal 5 as well as expanding it beyond videos. During that process we also helped them build their internal Drupal team. We worked side-by-side with their team while building the new site to bring them up to speed on the existing work as well as turning them into Drupal ninjas.

Moving forward with Lullabot in a consulting role the SonyBMG team rolled out a rebranding/redesign of Musicbox to MyPlay in Spring 2008.

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