We know there's a boat load of excitement about Drupal 7 and this year's DrupalCon in Chicago. If you're heading to DrupalCon and feel like there's a huge Drupal 7 learning curve for you, we're offering some great trainings on March 7th during the pre-DrupalCon training day. Registration ends pretty soon though, so this is just your friendly Lullabot reminder :) Our two trainings offered are:

In Building Modules for Drupal 7 we'll explore Drupal's most common hooks; learn how to use them together by building a simple module that responds to internal Drupal events; and investigate Drupal's 7's new database abstraction layer.

In jQuery Boot Camp students will learn essential jQuery tools to enhance their designs, and eliminate the grunt work of complex JavaScript development. We'll cover the basics of jQuery, how to dissect complex Web 2.0 features into bite-sized jQuery tasks, how to use FireBug and other development tools while you're testing, and discover what helpful JavaScript tools come with Drupal out of the box..

Register soon while seats are available.

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Jared Ponchot

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