by January 2, 2013

One More Chance to Save Big and Master Drupal in 2013

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, a hundred parties and a crazy to-do list. The holidays can be a pretty distracting season. Yesterday marked the end of Drupalize.Me’s big annual membership sale and along with it came a slew of begging emails: “Is there any way you can extend the discount?” “I forgot!” “I was away from my desk!” “I was in an epic food coma!” You get the idea.

Well, since we really do believe that 2013 is THE year to learn Drupal, and we want to help y’all do it, WE’RE CAVING! Yippee, procrastinators! You now have another 2 weeks of savings. Until January 15th, you can get a whole year of Drupalize.Me for the price of a 6 month membership: just $240. That’s $20 per month, compared with the regular price of $45!

Drupalize.Me is the web’s largest Drupal learning library with 658 step-by-step video tutorials. Our expert teachers have worked on Drupal sites for some of the biggest companies in the world: Sony Music, NBC, WWE, Verizon, The NBA, Harvard University, Intel and many others. So, in addition to teaching you the basics of building a Drupal sites, we can show you how to do the hard stuff - how to build Drupal sites which will hold up under high-traffic, high-demand situations.

If you’re a web beginner wanting to build your own site, a developer at a web shop wanting to offer new services next year, a content creator looking for a robust, flexible CMS, or an advanced Drupal user who needs an up-to-the-minute reference guide, Drupalize.Me is for you.

Drupalize.Me adds new videos every week, along with great case studies, tips and workarounds that’ll save you time and stress. And to make things even easier for you, Drupalize.Me offers on-the-go learning via handy apps for mobile and tablet devices.

This re-offer is only around until January 15th, so speed on over to Drupalize.Me and check it out.