This Friday, we've got two podcasts hitting the streets! Insert Content Here delivers an interview with Erin Kissane, long-time editor of A List Apart and the co-founder of Contents Magazine. Meanwhile, The Creative Process talks to Alex Cornell, author of Breakthrough: Overcome Creative Blocks and Spark Your Imagination.

In case you haven't been paying close attention, we recently split the former "Lullabot Podcast" into 3 new podcasts. The Drupalize.Me Podcast is probably most similar to the old podcast, focused on keeping up with Drupal and the Drupal community. Insert Content Here is our new podcast talking about content strategy and the "content" part of content management. And The Creative Process talks with creative professionals about the process of turning ideas into things.

Thanks to the great feedback we've received about both podcasts, we're updating our schedule. Starting in November, The Creative Process will be published twice a month on Monday, and Insert Content Here will be coming out twice a month on Friday! The podcast will keep its current schedule on alternating Fridays. Confused? Subscribe to the "All Lullabot Podcasts" feed and you won't miss a thing!

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