This weekend is going to be a scorcher of Lullabot activity in North America! Our team is making appearances in LA, New York, and Toronto. Participating in DrupalCamps is a great way for the Lullabot team to stay in touch with what's happening in the Drupal community, and odds are good that we'll be coming to an event near you.

DrupalCamp Toronto (July 13-14)

This camp has a history of featuring Lullabot presenters, and this year we are delighted they have asked Andrew Berry to keynote the conference! His presentation Druplicon's Fables: Three stories of mistakes, morals, and doing it right will be delivered on Saturday morning. Emma Jane Westby will be giving two sessions at the camp: From Interior Decorator to Architect: Changing how we work and Git Makes Me Angry Inside. Attendees at the camp will also have the opportunity to meet our Senior Developer, Angus Mak (be sure to ask him about his new puppy and airport time capsules).

NYC Camp (July 12-15)

With nearly 800 registered attendees, this camp is going to blow your mind. Keynote sessions are being delivered by Larry "Crell" Garfield and Fabien Potencier (the creator of Symfony). Lullabot's own Kyle Hofmeyer and Dave Burns are making the trek from Philly to deliver our Community Tools Workshop. They're looking forward to getting you up to speed on the essential tools used by the Drupal community. By the end of this workshop, you'll have Git and Drupal 8 installed on your laptop. It's an extremely valuable workshop for anyone who wants to get started with Drupal development, but needs guidance to get up and running.

DrupalCamp LA (July 13-14)

Finally we've got the left coast covered too with DrupalCamp LA. Our Senior Account Manager, Andrew Wilson, will be at the camp talking to folks about Drupalize.Me, our premium Drupal training videos and training services. Andrew is passionate about hearing people's stories about the challenges they're facing in Drupalland, so be sure to drop by the Drupalize.Me booth and give him an earful. Sean Lange, Senior Front-End Developer, will also be in attendance. If you're looking for someone to give you an earful, stop by and ask him to explain the difference between 'mobile', 'adaptive', and 'responsive' web sites!

Hopefully we'll see you at one of these fantastic community events this weekend. (And if you're interested in having us speak at an upcoming event, please get in touch!)

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Emma Jane Westby

Emma Jane Westby is a former Education Development Coordinator at Lullabot.