by September 3, 2007

Lifetime TV

Lifetime Television is one of the most popular cable networks in the United States. When the television network decided to relaunch entirely on the Drupal platform, they brought in the Lullabot team to provide architecture, training, and guidance for the project.

The project began with intensive on-site training to help the company's development team quickly acquire the skills and connect with the resources that they would need to build this complex Drupal-based web application.

Lullabot also provided ongoing high-level guidance on everything from development best practices and quality assurance to user experience to performance and scalability and server infrastructure recommendations. We worked closely with several external service providers to assure that Lifetime was able to meet its ambitious goals. And Lullabot also oversaw expansion and further development of many existing Drupal modules which were needed to meet Lifetime's specific needs.

The site is vastly complex from the technical side, in large part due to the specific demands and workflows that are involved in running a television network. Foremost among the requirements was the dependency on external systems for scheduling and programming data. Lifetime also required a comprehensive platform for publishing articles, games and videos. Furthermore, the site needed to engage its community members directly and encourage their voices to be heard. The whole was to be tied together with a combination of editor and user assigned topics so that the various vertical content segments could be horizontally integrated - something that previous incarnations of the site had failed to provide.

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