by Lullabot

Harvard Graduate School of Design

Harvard's Graduate School of Design (GSD) decided to use Drupal to create an intranet for the students to use to communicate and collaborate during the school year. Lullabot was brought on to help architect the site, matching their needs to Drupal modules and helping assess potential trouble areas and custom code needs. Once building the site began, we helped with troubleshooting and best practices as well as code review and development mentoring for the site's custom theme. Now that the site is live for the 2009 school year, we are continuing the relationship to assist with any troubleshooting and new feature questions.

The site provides forums, a question and answer board, and group blogs in addition to an imported university event calendar. Most of the site uses stock Drupal modules, with very little custom module development - a few alter tweaks and custom functionality in a site-specific module and a custom authentication module to integrate with the Harvard-wide HUID login system. The Organic Groups module was used to provide several kinds of blogs. Students can have multiple blogs in a variety of categories and they may choose to make them private or publicly available. This way a student may have a personal blog as well as several group blogs for various projects or activities. The site has an extensive custom theme, which heavily customized the way all of the views are displayed as well as creating a clean, useful profile page.

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