by Kris Bulman

Front-end Rapport #9

Gridset, a grid layout provider, conducted a survey in 2012 and 2013 on the challenges of RWD (Responsive Web Design). After analyzing the data, they found the info just too good to keep to themselves. They were right about that, this data is an invaluable resource for anyone doing market research for a company, product or even those just interested in the industry.

Our Take

The data analysis displayed here really gives insights into the challenges we all face in our industry. If anything, it gives comfort in the fact that we have common problems and it leads the way to great potential in developing the right processes and products for our needs in the fast moving landscape of RWD. Of the more compelling topics surfaced is that smaller teams have a more fluid workflow and larger teams tend to silo by department (ux, design, front-end); in a growing company this is a very real problem to watch out for, because any breakdown in communication between teams can create all sorts of issues.

Medium’s CSS

Topics: CSS

Fat walks us through the history and evolution of Medium's CSS and talks about the challenges faced by working with multiple developers. True to the article's name, Medium's CSS is pretty f***ing good now. It's interesting to see how style guides and projects evolve.

Gulpin Sass to CSS

Topics: gulp.js, Sass, CSS

Rik Schennink has written a great tutorial on getting Sass and Autoprefixer working with gulp.js, a build system for automating tasks. This gulp task pipes Sass' CSS output to Autoprefixer, which takes care of figuring out which vendor prefixes to use for a given CSS rule, and outputs compiled CSS. Since gulp is set up to watch for changes, this will all happen seamlessly as you write code.

Coming Soon: CSS Feature Queries

Topics: feature queries, CSS

CSS Feature Queries use a ‘media query’ like syntax to determine if the browser supports specific properties and values. This specification also supports a JavaScript interface to test for support. This is something that isn't currently possible without a feature detection library such as Modernizr.

What Happened Recently

  • HTTP/2 enabled by default in Firefox Nightly, press Cmd-Alt-K (or Ctrl-Alt-K) to find out if the site you're on supports it. — @signap
  • Autoprefixer 3.0 is out with new API, autoprefixer-core and GNU format for syntax errors. – @autoprefixer
  • Chrome 37 reaches a stable release, with support for CSS Shapes and DirectWrite@9to5Google
  • Sass shows dedication to their community by developing a set of Community Guidelines. — @SassCSS
  • Just two days after the release of Chrome 37, Chrome 38 Beta is released with support for the picture element, guest mode and 64bit by default. — @iLuvTra1ls

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