by Carwin Young

Front-end Rapport #8

Enduring CSS

Topics: CSS, maintainability

Writing CSS for big projects can be challenging, particularly when there are a lot of hands touching the code-base. Ben Frain provides some really useful tips for managing maintainable CSS in this well rounded article.

Our Take

Big CSS can be a maintenance nightmare, even when a project starts with the best of intentions. This article provides a ton of great tips and covers many of the pitfalls that developers may overlook when starting a big project, like the dangers of abstraction, why fast initial loads aren’t always the best solution, and why traditional file organization might not be the best route. The article is a bit lengthy, but well worth a read.

Opinionated Rundown of JS Frameworks

Topics: JavaScript

Like the title says, this article is opinionated. That said, many of the opinions on the various JavaScript frameworks it mentions are well thought out and worth considering when deciding on which to go with or whether to go with one at all.

CSS Guidelines

Topics: CSS, maintainability

The CSS Guidelines resource, maintained by Harry Roberts, provides useful tips and considerations for people who work with CSS. Touching on re-usability, commenting, and selector intent among other things, this style guide is a really useful reference point for CSS soloists and teams. This is an evolving project, so make sure to bookmark it!

Native Responsive Images

Topics: Responsive Images

Yoav Weiss, a developer working on native browser implementation of the picture element, lays down everything you need to know about responsive images; from history, to use case, to the future, it's all there. In just a few weeks full native support for the picture element is about to land in most modern browsers (except IE), and srcset has been supported since Chrome 34, Opera 21 and Safari 8. There's no better source for this information than from the developer who wrote the code that made this possible.

What Happened Recently

  • Due to numerous drawbacks Chrome will not be supporting pointer events, instead will improve on touch events. — @jaffathecake
  • Compass, the CSS Authoring Framework, reached a 1.0 release. — @compass
  • Sass, our favourite CSS preprocessor, reached a 3.4 release. - @SassCSS
  • Chrome's ‘device mode’ makes mobile debugging easier, check out the docs. — @mikemaccana
  • ECMAScript 6 method definitions are now in of Firefox Nightly (Developer Tools) — @addyosmani

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