by Sean Lange

Front-end Rapport #7

What are You Going to Learn This Month?

Topics: Tools, Technique, Education

Do you have a list of front end development technologies you've been eager to dive into but haven't had the time? Take a look at the list from Louis Lazaris: he follows up on a post from March about “Drowning in Tools in the Web Development Industry” with specific examples of technology and tools he'd like to learn.

Our Take

The front-end landscape is moving extremely fast. With advances in technology, changes in display sizes, and an increasing diversity of viewing methods, there's no end in sight. As front-end developers, the best we can do is keep up-to-date and focus on what's working for our projects. Every so often it's good to take stock of where we're at and what we currently know — then make a plan for expanding our skill sets. This article poses a great question — What are YOU going to learn next?

Sublime Text packages for Front-end web development

Topics: Tools, Editors, Sublime Text

If you're a Sublime Text user now, or are interested in using it in the future, this article by Zander Martineau provides an overview of add-ons that can increase your productivity with this great code editor.

Why Choose AngularJS?

Topics: AngularJS, Javascript

Are you curious about AngularJS? Do you want a simple, quality introduction to the subject? This is the article for you. It outlines five good reasons to take a chance and dive into AngularJS; a powerful MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework that is quickly gaining in popularity. Even if you are not using it right now there is enough information here to gain a basic understanding of what it is and it may help you determine if it's the right fit for your next project.

How to Speed Up Responsive Design

Topics: RWD, Performance

Most discussions about Responsive Web Design center around visual presentation. However, there is an equally important factor that needs to be addressed: speed. This post is inspirational and informative, focusing on the front-end developer's dual goals of performance and quality user experience.

What Happened Recently

  • Compass, the open-source CSS Authoring Framework, is on track for a 1.0 release this week. RC1 is out now. — @compass
  • Harry Roberts drops some great advice to new front-end developers. — @csswizardry
  • Tech Pro explains the new event inspector in Firefox Developer Tools. — @techdotpro
  • Digging up a less frequently used JavaScript operator (delete) and putting it to good use. — @JavaScriptDaily
  • Google has begun using HTTPS as a ranking signal. — @boxxa

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