by Kris Bulman

Front-end Rapport #10

Gridlover — A Typography Tool

Topics: Vertical Rhythm, Modular Scale

Just when you thought vertical rhythm was a term long forgotten, a new web-based app pops up that helps establish a typographic system with vertical rhythm and modular scale. Gridlover is an impressive app that gives a real-time visual representation of your custom rhythm, allowing for control over both the content and the style output. While no preprocessor mixins are provided, there are variables and calculations based on your typographic tweaks. If anything, this could become a great learning tool for the principles at play.

Our Take

While not speaking particularly about this tool itself, but more about the control of these principles from a developer's perspective, the need for a typographic system such as this is arguable. Where the weight really lies, in the beginning, is on the designer, if no care was taken in the original designs to follow a consistent scale or rhythm, then enforcing one in the project can be more trouble than it's worth. Another pitfall is the long-term maintenance of a large project with many developers, it can quickly get out of whack if not everyone is up to speed on the concepts involved. That said though, a typographic system can really pull a design together, and used correctly it can reduce a lot of development time when the typographic measure just falls into place for every new CSS component.

DrupalCon for Front-end Developers

Topics: Drupalcon

In just a few weeks DrupalCon Europe will be underway and there are lots to be excited about. The two chairs of the front-end track, Lewis Nyman and Ruben Teijeiro, have selected some great sessions covering various topics under the theme of “Futuristic Tools and Techniques”. Hope to see you there!

Naming CSS Stuff is Really Hard

Topics: CSS

If you hadn’t heard already, naming classes is hard. There are a lot of different methods out there for creating a naming system for your CSS, but even with the best of intentions styles can still become unmanageable quickly. In this article, Ethan Muller discusses the benefits of content-based, presentational, and functional class naming patterns.

A Complete Reading List For CSS

Topics: CSS

This is a great read for both veterans and rookies to the web. It is broken up nicely into a wide variety of topics that cover categories from CSS Selectors, to Filters and Animation. I found the Typography section a good overview on the basics of solid web type.

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