by Addison Berry

Drupalcon Slides for Code and Docs

I'm still recovering from the awesomeness of Drupalcon, but I did want to let people know that I've got the slides from my two presentations up online. My first presentation kicked off Drupalcon on Wednesday with a Gentle Intro to Drupal Code (watch the video - view the slides). There was a great standing room only crowd (though I dare say even more people were crammed into Jeff Eaton's "Building APIs that Rock" though) and I hope it means to lay out a basic context for entering the world of Drupal code. My other presentation was Documentation is Hot where I talked about where Drupal docs are right now and the cool stuff we have coming (watch the video - view the slides). There was lots of discussion in the audience and it even spawned a BoF the next morning. Good times! I was also in on the Usability Testing at the University of Baltimore presentation (Watch the video - view the slides). So far we don't have slides or video up that I can see, so I'll update this page once that gets online. Update: slides are online and now video too. Big thanks to all that made Drupalcon DC rock mightily and I'm really looking forward to Drupalcon Paris this September.