BeautyTips 0.9 Release

I've just released the new version of BeautyTips (0.9). New features include:

  • A demo page - The new demo page provides lots of documentation and examples for BeautyTips. The demos include examples which emulate some famous javascript popup balloons from around the web. There are currently examples emulating popups from Google Maps, Netflix, and Facebook. The demo page also has some tricky (and a little experimental) "live" javascript fields so developers can experiment with different options and see how the BeautyTips are affected.
  • Ajax content - Content can now come from other pages on your site*. The ajax argument takes not only a URL, but also an optional jQuery selector. This means that you can use just part of an existing page as the content of your BeautyTip. The Do It With Drupal video page is a great example of this. Just roll over the thumbnail images to see it in action.
  • Click-anywhere-to-close - This default behavior means that any open BeautyTips will be closed whenever the visitor clicks anywhere in the body of the page (outside of the tip or target elements).
  • Close-when-others-open - This option (normally disabled) can ensure that only one tip is open at a time.
  • bgiframe plugin support - IE has (yet another) goofy behavior where form elements don't seem to respect z-indexes. If you're having this problem, simply include the bgiframe plugin on your page and BeautyTips will recognize it and use it.
  • Beauty Tips

    hoverIntent plugin support - hoverIntent is a great jQuery plugin which attempts to determine if a user intends to be hovering over (or out of) an element before the hover event is fired. It has configurations for how long to wait before trigering the 'over' and 'out' functions. Check out the BeautyTips demo page to see how this works.

  • activeClass on target elements - Whenever an element has an active BeautyTip, it gets the "bt-active" class. This class-name can be changed globally or locally using the options arguments. Example
  • Changed to - Just a code cleanup thing. This may affect people with existing implementations of BeautyTips. Just remove the "fn" from your global option overrides.
  • Changed "titleSelector" option to "contentSelector" - Just for clarity. Again, if you've got an existing implementation, just do a search and replace.
* For security reasons, most browsers will not allow cross-domain html calls. You will get a security error if you try this.

Awesome! Where do I get it?

You can download from the BeautyTips plugin page on That's also where you should submit any bugs or feature requests.

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