Sidharth Kshatriya

Senior Developer
Sidharth Kshatriya

Sidharth Kshatriya started learning Drupal for a personal project in 2008. He quickly found Drupal insanely addictive, productive and fun. The combination of Views, CCK and Panels was so powerful that he couldn't understand why anybody would choose to make websites any other way.

Over the years, Sidharth has been involved in almost all facets of website development. Sidharth has been a project manager / architect for websites like Open Magazine, an independent Drupal trainer and has most recently worked as a senior developer at

Sidharth is deeply interested in open source software, science and economics. He has tried to learn something formally in all his areas of interest: He holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from Cornell University and a Masters in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He also holds an MBA degree.

Sidharth lives with his wife in New Delhi, India. When not pondering Drupal's API calls or teaching himself cool open source technologies, Sidharth likes to engage in slightly more down to earth interests like reality television and exploring world cuisine.


  • New Delhi, India
  • 7:29PM (TLT)
  • 21.5°C