Press Kit

Lullabot Company Bio

Lullabot solves complex content problems for high profile websites. They do this by providing comprehensive interactive services, including thoughtful strategy, well-informed design, and open source development. Many well-known organizations have benefitted from Lullabot’s services, like Tesla, MSNBC, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Syfy, The GRAMMYS, Martha Stewart, Harvard, and Fast Company.

Lullabot’s success as a services company derives from a love of learning, which goes back to its roots as a training and education company, and its role as a leader in the open source community that grew up around Drupal. This legacy of teaching continues today through its Drupalize.Me training videos, podcasts, and articles. By continually learning as an organization, Lullabot finds inventive solutions to clients’ problems before they become the well-trodden “best practice.“ CEO Jeff Robbins attributes the company’s success to “being friendly and trustworthy, which is why companies often hire us for our prowess, but stay with us for our people.”

Lullabot is a distributed company, which allows it to hire the best creative problem solvers, letting them work when, where, and how they’re most productive.

To hire Lullabot for your next project and have some fun along the way visit or call 877-LULLABOT.


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