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Sumit Kataria

Mobile Developer

Sumit Kataria is a software engineer and technology enthusiast who trusts in open source software. He possesses both a deep knowledge of Drupal programming and magical mobile app development skills that allow him to make Drupal and mobile sing together in beautiful harmony.

Sumit has done more than 15 iPhone/iPad/Android apps using Drupal as base system. He has worked with Lullabot and CivicActions building several Drupal-integrated mobile applications, including the Drupalize.Me app and Do It With Drupal conference app.

Sumit is very passionate about everything he does and tries to bring the same enthusiasm to his projects. He has been a presenter at many DrupalCons and DrupalCamps, advocating Drupal as a mobile application cloud-based backend. He was a Google Summer of Code student for Drupal in 2008, and in 2011 he managed the whole Drupal Summer of Code program.

When Sumit is not working on Drupal/Mobile, he enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Sumit lives in New Delhi, India. Find him on LinkedIn, Twitter as @sumitk or IRC as sumitk.

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