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Drupal and Project Management

In this episode Addison Berry is joined by four project managers to explain what project management is all about, and the impact of working with Drupal projects. Join Seth Brown, Lullabot Director of Operations (sethlbrown), Jerad Bitner, Lullabot Sr. Technical Project Manager (sirkitree), Matthew Saunders, COO of 5 Rings Web and a Principal of Vintage Digital (MatthewS), and Drew Harteveld, VP of Digital Operations at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, as they give some insight into their crystal ball secrets.


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Drupal Global Training Day (December 14th)
Drupalize.Me "What is Drupal?" workshop
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Project Management

Project Management Institute (PMI)
Scrum Alliance
Drupal Project management group
Drupal Project Management IRC: #drupal-pm
Lullabot article on the Art of Estimation

Scott Berkun:How to Make Things Happen
Mike Cohn: User Stories Applied
37 Signals: Getting Real
Mackenzie Kyle: Making It Happen: A Non-Technical Guide to Project Management
Craig Larman: Agile and Interative Development: A Manager's Guide
Harvard Business Review: Guide to Project Management
Project Management for Dummies

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Drupal proj management specifics

It would be great to have more on drupal specific pm, with ideas for project initiation and planning workflow as it applies to a large drupal project. What integrations with 3rd party pm tools does drupal support?



Is the podcast working?

I think I can only hear some people on this podcast, there are lots of gaps, and the flow of conversation doesn't seem complete.

Anyone else having this problem?


David Burns

I believe you may have your

I believe you may have your output set to mono. Our recording has Addison's voice coming out of the left channel only. We're in the process of re-exporting this podcast in stereo to fix that issue.


Kevin Davison

"Syntax & semantics"

I couldn't agree more with the discussion about communication.

What I often experience is that some clients make up their own terms for Drupal components, and I can't neglect that high-level training before starting a project. For instance, one client was calling what I would call the primary menu, the "action bar." We had a few rounds of communication where I let that slide, and then we agreed to call it the "primary menu."

Frankly, with all our projects, if one client identifies the same thing with a different word, I get totally confused when juggling things. It helps so much to use the same terms, and to correct the improvisation before people adopt new words as new labels for Drupal components. It's a "block," not a "gadget," etc.